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Different attitudes shown by people to fashionable clothes

People have different attitudes to fashion. Some are indifferent - they do not care what they wear. Others, especially women, are very choosy and particular about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on aran sweaters direct clothes.

The factors that influenced styles of fashionable clothing

Different factors which have influenced the styles of clothing, such as geography, climate, poverty and wealth have played their role.

We also note how rich people altered their clothes with every fancy of their tailor while the poor people's garments changed slowly. Then the cheap manufacture of cloth and the invention of the sewing machine brought about a revolution. Readymade clothes have become relatively cheap and now fashionable trends are imitated all over the world. On the other hand all of these facts resulted in a kind of uniformity.

It is hard to tell the class, profession by the form of dress. Fashion concerns not only clothes, but also hair style, make-up and accessories, such as shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, scarf or jewellery and glasses. Clothing, footwear and cosmetics manufacturers as well as jewellery makers and hairdressers need to make money.

Fashion and clothes

The latest styles and models incorporated in our fashionable clothes

Styles, cuts, designs and particularly the length of clothes change very quickly because dressmaking has become a big business nowadays. The various types of neckline in our fashionable clothes include

  • High Or Low
  • Oval
  • V-neck
  • Boat Neck
  • Tie Or Polo Neck
  • With Collar Or Collarless





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